Rochester House of Pizza

105 Highland St, Rochester, NH 03868, USA

About Rochester House of Pizza

3.9 / 5

from reviews

    Ivy M. Furrow
    September 10, 2021

    The best pizza in town. It's always cooked perfect and it's always hot. I had a calzone there as well. Best one I've ever had. The staff is great, prices are awesome and the delivery is very fast. I'll never order from anywhere else again. 😁

    Jam Lewis
    June 08, 2021

    My second time here on a different day and their consistency is Boss! Nothing like a pizza made exactly the way you want it when you're spending your hard earned cash. The best thing is the server/cashier has always greeted me with a smile and bids me a nice farewell. The little things matter.

    Karen Mckinney
    September 06, 2021

    Hope everything gets better for this restaurant. They are short staffed but nobody wants to work anymore. Love their pizza.

    July 17, 2021

    I called at 5:55 this evening to place an order for delivery. They took the order and my payment and said that would be on the way. There was no indication of a long wait or a delay of any kind. An hour and ten minutes later, I had still not received my order. I called to ask about the status of it and was told it was "out for delivery" and would be here shortly. Twenty minutes after THAT, still no food. This restaurant is located five minutes from my house. I called a second time, this time to tell them I wanted my money back. The girl working the register immediately put me on hold and I could hear her in the background, telling her manager I was lying about how long it had been. The manager picked up the phone and immediately became defensive, telling me she was certain I had been told it would be at least an hour wait. No such thing was ever said to me when I placed the order. When I indicated this, she outright called me a liar and told me she would not refund the order because it was out for delivery- allegedly for nearly half an hour, at this point. I told her I was not interested and that if she was unwilling to refund my money, I would be glad to file a dispute with my bank. She told me she would call the driver and call me back. As I hung up the phone, the driver FINALLY showed up- nearly an hour and forty minutes after I had placed the order, at this point. I went outside and apologized for the confusion but said I had just called to cancel the order because I had been waiting forever. I was in no way rude or aggressive toward this young man, but he immediately headed back to his car yelling about "I'm sure you were told it would be at least an hour and a half." Again, I was never informed of any kind of delay, and it did not escape my notice that this delay increased every single time anyone DID mention it after the fact. The manager called me back a few minutes later and said the order had been voided and the money will be back in my bank account in a few days. I will never set foot in this establishment again.

    Courtney Noble
    June 07, 2021

    Always get the grilled chicken salad. Always great! Plenty of chicken and fresh lettuce! But, today was the best ever! Grape tomatoes, this time! Great salad! REAL food!

    Rochester House of Pizza

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    105 Highland St, Rochester, NH 03868, USA

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